Fitness Beyond 50: Janet’s Story

Janet visited my website and sent me an enthusiastic email. That led to my asking her if she would mind sharing her story of fitness and healthy eating. Here it is.

“I am 62 years old. I come from a very overweight family and no one was involved with exercise at all. Somehow I still managed to stay thin as a young child but developed an eating disorder by the time I was 16 because I was so fearful of being overweight. I didn’t realize that I had an eating disorder until I was 26 years old and became pregnant with my first child.

“At that time, I went to a nutritionist and joined a program for pregnant women to exercise. After just a few weeks, I was hooked and on my way to a healthy lifestyle. After the birth of my child, I started hiking, bicycling and swimming — all long distances. Twenty months later, I had a second child and raised my children to be active and to have a healthy lifestyle.

“Then at 55, I went into menopause and started gaining weight. I went from 125 to 150 pounds in seven years. All of my good healthy habits were not working for me anymore. I went on every diet imaginable and failed them all. My old bad habit of starving and binging and eating when no one was around started showing up again.

“This year, when I turned 62, I said to myself that enough was enough. I joined Weight Watchers and started a new exercise program that included more intense workouts. My workouts over the past few years had become very leisurely and I hardly ever raised my heart rate. I decided that my new exercise program would include one to two hours a day of raising my heart rate between 60% and 90% with interval training. Increasing the intensity was what I needed. In four months I lost 25 lbs. and many inches off my waist. I feel great, like a new, younger person.

“My attitude about life is so much better now and I have been an inspiration to many of my friends, both male and female. My husband remarked about two months ago “Since your weight loss, things (referring to mentally and emotionally) just don’t bother you anymore.” I realized that he was absolutely right. My whole outlook on life is different — better — I feel like I did when I was much younger.

“I can’t imagine a day without exercise and living healthy but I do worry about going back to my old ways from time to time. I think that motivation and inspiration in key for me to staying with the program. My mantra is “I never want to go back there again!” I say this many times a day and it actually really does help me to stay with my new healthy lifestyle of eating and exercising. I am sure your blog and book will also give me motivation and inspiration, which I will share with all of my friends.

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  1. Loren Pombo says:

    Awesome and very true story! I know, because Janet and I have been friends since her first child was 2yrs old. We did a lot of cycling together and those are some of my most precious memories. I was thin most of my life but then menopause arrived! Slowly I gainned and at 61 (now) I weigh 168 lbs! Janet and I talked in March 2014 about how difficult and frustrating it was trying to lose weight. It seemed no matter what diet or what we tried we just couldn’t lose a pound. Janet and I met up again on August 2014 and her weight loss blew me away! She looks so good! My first words were “whatever you’re on, I want it!” We both laughed, but we both knew I was serious! Whenever she said weight watchers, I said come on! Really?! So I followed her to the T. I got on weight watchers, purchased a Garmin Vivofit, got on my spinning bike everyday for an intense 60 minutes and when my Garmin days “you’ve been sitting too long” I get up and go up and down a flight of stairs serval times! I’ve been on Weight Watchers 6 weeks and I’ve lost 11.6 lbs! Janet has bee n an inspiration to me! And I am forever grateful a God has blessed me with her friendship. What I realized when I dtarted weight Watchers is that I was starving myself. I still can’t believe how much more food I’m eating and still losing weight. I have been eating healthy for a very long time. I don’t consume sugar, dairy (unless it’s raw cheese or raw milk) and I’m gluten free. Just losing these 11.6 lbs, I have my energy and am in a much better mood. My husband, like Janet noticed it. It’s just amazing! Thanks Janet! I Love you!

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