A Dalai Lama Fan

I have just finished a thorough review of Harry Gaines’ book, Fitness Beyond Fifty: Turn Back the Clock. Even though I consider myself “part of the choir,” I am extremely impressed by the incisive and apt content of the book.

It is written in an engaging style with many stories and quotes and significant content. I believe that storytelling is part of humanity’s inherent makeup and Harry provides many examples that focus the reader’s attention on the goals to be achieved. One of the most memorable quotes in the book comes from the Dalai Lama and his characterization of modern man.

I am very active at age sixty-six and have my personal exercise agenda. The insights in Harry’s book have made important suggestions that can complement and balance my approach to fitness. I sincerely recommend this book to all persons, from the non-exerciser who should hear the alarm bells ringing to the avid endurance athlete.

Max Prola, Retired Aero-Astro Engineer, Columbia, MD

(Max completed five consecutive Paris-Brest-Paris endurance rides, 1,200 kilometer cycling events held every four years in France; the last was in 2011 at age sixty-five. He finished in eighty-one hours.)

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