Heart Rate Training Zones Calculator

Using a heart rate monitor, or even manually monitoring your heart rate while you work out, can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your exercise.  In Fitness Beyond 50 each training zone and its use is described, but to use the training zones effectively, you need to calculate them properly. This online calculator will do it for you.

Heart Rate Training Zones Calculator
Determine your resting heart rate by staying in bed when you wake up. Put your heart rate monitor on and look at it after a few minutes or put your finger on the artery at your throat and count the number of beats for ten seconds and then multiply by six.
Resting heart rate:
Calculated Maximum heart rate:
Level Pct Pct Actual HR Zones
1 60% 70% Overdistance, Strength
2 71% 75% Endurance, Strength, Speed
3 76% 80% Endurance, Strength
4 81% 90% Intervals, Up, Race/Pace
5 91% 100% Racing, peaking


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  1. chuck mcgarry says:

    I train and exercise 2hrs in my kayak. I have a moniter. How do you adjust her rate zones for the summer heat?

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