Heart Rate Training Zones Calculator

Using a heart rate monitor, or even manually monitoring your heart rate while you work out, can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your exercise.  In Fitness Beyond 50 each training zone and its use is described, but to use the training zones effectively, you need to calculate them properly. This online calculator will do it for you.

2 Responses to Heart Rate Training Zones Calculator

  1. I am 73 yrs young and I have recently given up bicycling for walking. Fast walking doesn’t get my heart rate up enough for a good aerobic w/o so I have incorporated a 30 second run/60 second fast walk routine which does the job. (Paying attention to my heart rate zones via MMF app.) I do this for 5k. 3-4 times a week. Now I seem to be developing a knee problem.
    Am I too old for this or do I just need to back off a bit and get my body used to this kind of (weight bearing) exercise?

    • Harry says:

      I’m 78, so can relate. Many of us gave up running years ago because of knee or back problems. I like cycling as it’s not weight bearing, but it’s important that we do some weight-bearing exercise to maintain bone health. I do this via strength training. My view is that if you find your knee issue becomes a real problem, back off on the running section and focus on increasing the fast walk routine. You should be able to get your heart rate up via fast walking, it just takes longer. Congratulations, you’re doing the right stuff.

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