Marc’s Journey

In December 2008, four months before my sixtieth birthday, I had an opportunity to see my silhouette. My first thought was, ‘I look like the opening of the old Alfred Hitchcock show.’ It wasn’t that I didn’t know I was grossly overweight and horribly out of shape; of course I knew that. But the image set off a switch in my head and I declared to myself that something must be done!

“The first week of January 2009, I checked myself into Jenny Craig — I needed adult supervision. I set a weight loss goal of fifty pounds and committed to the diet. I began walking several times a week because that was all I could do. By the end of April I’d reached the halfway point on my diet and decided to run. By June I was running four days a week, but I knew I hadn’t done any upper body or core work in eight years and I had to start something.

“I’d seen the P90X infomercials many times. I was a bit skeptical but figured I’d try it. When I received it I was too embarrassed to take the fit test, especially since I knew I would fail it. I started the program and followed the ninety schedule to the T. When I started I could barely do any of the moves and certainly not at the level of the people on the DVDs. But I persisted and finished the program. As promised, I made huge gains in muscle strength, cardio strength and flexibility, plus body fat loss.

“In August 2009, I reached my fifty-pound weight loss goal. When I finished P90X I did the full P90Xplus program while I continued to run. My knees were bothering me, so I sought a cardio alternative. I found a cardio program from the same company that makes P90X called “Insanity.” I did that program four times and then did another of their cardio programs called “Insanity, The Asylum.” I think I’m the oldest person in America to have completed that program.

“I’ve maintained my weight for two years while gaining lots of muscles. My cardio is excellent and I was able to get off my Type 2 diabetes medications.

“I communicate with a lot of people over fifty, some over sixty, who’ve done these programs. Age is no barrier to fitness.”

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