Mike’s Yo-Yo

Mike joined Weight Watchers and started exercising by running forty-five minutes five days a week. In a few months he developed a problem with his feet and found running painful. A friend suggested cycling which he initially rejected; he said, “Cycling’s for wimps.” But, he dusted off his bike and started cycling on a path nearby plus continued running, albeit painfully.

Within six months of Weight Watchers, running and cycling, Mike had dropped fifty pounds. He lost an additional ten the next year and has maintained that weight ever since. He began to cycle more. He bought a good bike and rode his first century — a hundred-mile ride — in 2004.

Six years ago he learned about our local bike club, started riding with a group and found it very motivational. He started tracking his mileage; from January 2006 to the end of 2009, he rode 33,700 miles, an average of over 8,400 miles per year. Understand he’s fifty-one, works full-time and it’s cold in Bucks County in the winter. He says there are two conditions in which he doesn’t ride outdoors in the winter — snow and ice. Temperature is not an issue as he and some friends ride in ten-degree weather.

Mike eats healthy food but occasionally rewards himself with some chocolate chip cookies and his favorite ice cream. He drinks lots of water and says he hasn’t had a soda for seven years. He knows that as long as he exercises as he does now he will keep the weight off. As he said, “The sport of cycling has changed my life.”

Mike’s a life member of Weight Watchers and weighs in once a month. He’s made the lifestyle changes that will keep him healthy.