Peggy’s Story

How many times have you or one of your neighbors said, ‘We’re so lucky to live here?’ It’s so true, and the Fitness Center is one of the reasons. I feel especially lucky because I spent much of this summer at the center on a regular basis. The staff there asked if I’d like to be a test case for the eight fitness professionals to assess.

“From May to October I worked with each of the trainers on an individual basis. A personalized nutrition program was also set up after I’d completed an in-depth food questionnaire about my eating habits. I learned the value of consuming fewer calories, eating healthier foods, eating reasonably sized portions, excellent supplements and, the best part, five or six meals a day.

“All of the fitness professionals, with their clipboards in hand, analyzed my physical condition. In the first assessment in May I felt like I was under a microscope: I stretched, walked, bent and stood on one leg and then the other — with eyes open and eyes closed. These professionals were thorough!

“Each of the professionals designed workouts based on my situation. I learned about resistance training and weights and the benefits of working opposing muscle groups. We worked on what the trainers called the ‘big three’: aerobics, stretching and strength training.

“I’m happy to report that quantifiable results show I’ve lost weight, body fat and inches. I lost ten pounds and seven percent of body fat. The Fitness Center has become a habit for me. I realize that getting there regularly is a lifestyle change. Even with the busy schedules that we all have, it’s possible to carve out time to exercise. Working out truly does make me feel better.

“Fitness professionals can make all the difference. If your budget and/or schedule only allow an occasional session with a pro, that’s all it takes to jump-start a targeted and safe routine. A trainer can keep you on track by modifying your workout. They’re pros at adding variety (eliminating any excuses about getting bored) and addressing any changes in your physical condition.

“Eating well is also a lifestyle change; a good nutritious program doesn’t have to be a diet. The scale hasn’t surged. It seems that exercise and eating really do go hand-in-hand.”

Eight years later:

“Do I still work out at the Fitness Center on a regular basis? The honest answer is no, not as frequently. But I’m still hooked and work out at least a few times every week. I’ve maintained the weight loss (though haven’t checked the body fat lately!), and I still work hard at keeping the calories in check. Being active and working at keeping fit are definite habits for me — thanks to an excellent fitness program started years ago.”

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