Reinventing Caroline

Caroline joined a special program at our SW Florida fitness center that was a direct outgrowth of my writing this book. The program has changed her life — for the better — and she’s become a big fan of the book. Her story:

“A new pilot program, “Living a Healthy Life,” was started at our local fitness center and I was asked to be one of the participants. My initial response was that I didn’t think I could do it and I turned them down.

“I’d been athletic most of my life, playing competitive tennis for the past twenty years as well as golf, skiing and biking; I had prided myself on my abilities and fitness. However, recurring injuries and a serious chronic back issue had severely limited my ability to participate and I reluctantly stopped all sports at age seventy.

“I figured I would keep in shape by going to the gym. Yes, I was getting a bit of a muffin top, but doesn’t that come with age anyway? I was also getting more and more bent over with my deteriorating back. I assumed this was just the price to pay for age and sports injuries. I had a minimal program I followed at the gym and felt that was all I could possibly do.

“I was strongly encouraged to join the program in spite of my health issues and, as a result, my life has turned around. A personal trainer developed a program that compensated for my disabilities and the support of a group of similar ages encouraged me to exercise beyond what I thought I could do, in a safe environment.

“I now stand up straight — for the first time in years — have a strong core that supports my back and a much higher level of overall fitness. My muffin top is almost gone!

“Of course, I still have my chronic back problem and arthritis, but I just FEEL better — stronger, happier, have more energy — a real change from just giving up at seventy and feeling that’s just the way it is. With the help of a well-designed program and the support of a group with similar goals I’ve been reinvented!”

Six months later Caroline added: “It’s hard to believe that it’s now six months since I started the program. I’ve lost twenty pounds, now have sculpted arms and, most important, a very strong core that allows me to stand up straight in spite of degenerative disc diseases.

“To my surprise it’s been quite easy to continue with healthy eating and exercise.  Once the results started to be apparent, I couldn’t wait to get to the gym and keep going.  Group members continue seeing each other at the gym, complimenting and supporting our progress and success.”

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